My (Mis)Adventures Abroad

Hey, I’m Leroy! I never set out to travel long-term but after making one positive life change at a time I discovered a passion and ability to travel full-time. I bought a one-way ticket to Nepal – no plan, no bucket list, no end date and somehow it worked out. The stories of my (mis)adventures, frustrations, joys, fears, excitement, & discoveries have been written to provide travel tips, entertainment, & hopefully inspiration for your own adventures!

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Solo traveler overlooking city

7 Tips for Traveling Alone You Haven’t Been Told

Single travel can be exhilarating, exhausting and even scary at times, throwing up unexpected adventures.  In this post I share 7 tips for traveling alone, you may not have been told.

Dark prison cell

5 Life Lessons I Learned While Locked Up Abroad

Being locked up abroad in Nepal was one of the most difficult solo travel experiences I have encountered. Read more about my time in jail, the conditions, and lessons learned.

traveler walking along beach with mountains in background

7 Amazing Impacts Solo Travel can Have

Personal growth is one of the most rewarding and difficult experiences we face. Here I share 7 amazing impacts solo travel can have on our growth.

The Crazy Commuter

While living in London I found an alternative way to get around the big city which still gave me a sense of freedom. Freedom begins with creating your own happiness.

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