14 Random Facts About Me

This blog will be full of my travel stories, tips I’ve learned along the way and the disasters that have helped shape my experiences, all to provide you with solid travel insights. It’s a new blog, the best way to introduce myself is by sharing some of my personal life with you.

Here are 14 random facts about my life.

I’m Shy

I love to have fun, I love traveling to new places and I love meeting new people. Everytime I go into new situations I am extremely uncomfortable. I will be one of the first on the dance floor, and one of the most free spirited in a group, yet every time I go to introduce myself to somebody new or ask for advice/help in a new country my whole body clams up.

I’m a Late Bloomer

This is in every sense. I started university at 23, graduated at 27. I went on my first solo adventure when I was 25. I learned to drive when I was 22, I still haven’t bought my own first car yet. I was raised in Europe and didn’t leave the continent until I was 29. I had my first true relationship at 26, I’m still waiting for my second.

I’m the Luckiest Unlucky Person Ever

I managed to find myself in prison on my first trip to Asia, but I was released earlier than anybody expect. I once flew off my mountain bike over the edge of a cliff, and landed safely in some bushes, breaking only my glasses. My insurance had expired just days before my foot was run over by a truck in Nepal, I was given free medical care and my foot healed within two months.

I Love Public Speaking

Although I am shy in personal situations, when it comes to public speaking I adore the stage. I don’t fully understand why, but I am so comfortable doing this. I have presented at TEDx conferences, in five different countries, in front of kids, teenagers and adults. I have delivered talks for top business professionals, some of the most esteemed members of society and in front of friends (always the hardest), nothing makes me feel more at home.

I’m a Qualified Basketball Coach

I love basketball, playing the game helped me get my life back on track and gave me some of my fondest best memories. It’s a sport which is played with respect and teaches a lot of life skills. I gained my coaching qualifications while living in London and used to coach a university basketball team.

I’m Deeply Spiritual and Deeply Rebellious

I believe deeply in the power of spirituality, presence, subconscious and conscious. I try to practice something to help my spiritual growth everyday and bring as much good to the world around me as possible. I am also rebellious, I break many rules, push many boundaries and ride my luck.

I Was Once Chased by a Crocodile

In only flip flops and in complete darkness, I once stumbled into a swap in India thinking it was a shortcut back to my room, not the best idea at 2am. Hearing the growl of a crocodile mere meters in front of you is not a heartwarming feeling. It was surprising just how quickly I was able to run in those conditions.

I Don’t Have a Solid Plan

I get asked if I am going to travel forever, if I’ll ever settle down and where I consider home. The answer is I don’t know. I’ll probably slow down one day, but I am so fixated on the present moment I have no desire to plan my roots.

I Hope to Teach

Although I don’t have a solid plan on where I want to be, I know exactly what I want to be. I want to be teaching people skills in countries across the world that they can use to generate their own income, help their own businesses and increase their independence.

I Have Worked With Children for Over 10 Years

Whether basketball, teaching, adventure camps or mentoring, whichever phase of my life I was in I always found a way to work with children. They have the most amazing open minds, loving hearts and abundance of energy. I love how individual they are and I love nurturing their minds to reach new heights.

I love Nepal

Nepal is my favourite country, the people, the food, the scenery, the mountains, the adventure. Nepal is the most magical place I have ever been and I look forward to going back everytime, it should be near the top of everybody’s travel bucket list

I’m Embarrassing

I always have been and I always will be. I say the wrong things, my body likes to make weird noises at inappropriate times. I’ll be the first to trip up over something, spill my food and I love it, life is much more amusing.

I’m an Adrenaline Junky

Hopelessly addicted to it, if it involves danger sign me up. Downhill mountain biking, motorbikes, skating, jet-skis, go-karts, rock climbing, abseiling, surfing, I love them and I am always excited to try something new.

I Love Learning

Everything from books, people, experiences, courses, myself, I just love learning something new and travel has taught me more about life than I could ever imagine.

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