About Me

Thank You for Visiting (Mis)Adventures Abroad!

My name is Leroy-Winston Scott and I hope my adventures can help inspire you.

I always dreamed of traveling and seeing the world, now I am fortunate enough to be doing it, something I never believed was within my reach.

I failed my first attempt at college and spent five years working in the fast-food industry, which provided me with some good memories and great motivation to change my future (I was actually fired from this job so change came to me)

I understand how privileged I am to have the freedom to travel, have the education I now do, and the opportunities to live this life. I wanted to break out from the ‘normal’ way of life and through working various jobs abroad, volunteering, and some ‘risky’ decisions I have been able to.

I never set out to become a ‘Digital Nomad’, I set out to see the world and discovered a skill which would let me do so.

I am definitely not rich… I have slept rough to save money, do not own much, and always choose cost over comfort (leading to some pretty long layovers and interesting journeys to airports in the dead of night).

I have also experienced incredible adventures like, helicopter rides through the Himalayas, sailing trips in Indonesia and drove beautiful motorbikes through India.

I have visited 24 countries over the past six years, exposing me to adventures, cultures and amazing experiences I could not have imagined before:

  • Teaching rock climbing (and cross country skiing) in the Swiss Alps
  • Downhill mountain biking down the French Alps
  • Teaching German in Austria
  • White water rafting in Germany
  • Road tripping through Hungary & Romania
  • Hitchhiking from the Netherlands to Croatia (in five days to attend a festival)
  • Camping, so much camping (Switzerland, India, Austria, Romania, Indonesia)
  • Motorbike trips through Thailand
  • Helicopter rides through Nepal
  • So much more…

I am addicted to travel.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

About My Blog

This blog is here to share travel guides and tips I have learned. How to become digital nomad, some of my greatest adventures and some (mis)adventures. I began travelling as a (very) poor student, and understood how much my fears were holding me back from my desires. 

I used to be afraid to fail, terrified of the notion that I could be in an uncomfortable situation. My failures (and there have been many!) have given me my greatest lessons, accomplishments and adventures.

This blog serves to:

  • Help inspire you to step out of your comfort zone (in anyway)
  • Share methods that can turn your dreams into reality
  • Give you a good laugh at my unfortunate situations (and share how they have benefited me)  

Fear can debilitate, spread and make us feel safe. We all have fear, it is one of the most human experiences. It is a wonderful to have when being chased by a large, sharp toothed animal in the dead of night (yup, that’s one of my stories) But to what extent do we need to allow fear to control us?

This is what I strive to understand through travel, adventures and (mis)adventures.

The best way I have overcome my fears is getting through these mishaps and sharing what I’ve learned. Some of my disasters have included:

  • Spending 17 days in a Nepali jail
  • Being chased by a crocodile through a swamp in India
  • Having my foot crushed by a truck in Nepal
  • Completely running out of money in Bali
  • Scooter accident requiring multiple stitches in Bali
  • Consistent earthquakes (>5Mg) for over a month in Bali (Bali is actually wonderful)
  • Severe and prolonged food poisoning in India
  • Having money stolen (a couple of times)
  • Chased by street dogs in Romania
  • Sleeping rough (a lot)

Adventure to me is a vehicle for understanding myself and human nature through experiential learning. I believe that somewhere in between the terror of fear and the exhilaration of adventure, is a sweet spot for understanding the self.