About Me

Hey, I'm Leroy!

I work online, I travel around the world, & I live for adventure!

I have to be honest with you, it wasn’t the smoothest of beginnings. By the time I was 22 I had failed college and been fired from my job at McDonald’s. It wasn’t exactly the most resounding start to my adult life, failure had set the foundations for my future.

Years of draining work and early exposure to failure gave me the kick up the ass I needed, to find a way to create a life I knew was capable of being lived.

I decided (in my early 20’s) to go back to school and spend the next five years learning, growing, and discovering what my passions were.

Me CM Mar 20

The Adventure Begins

It was during my time at university I discovered my three main loves:

A love for learning

A love for helping

A love for adventure

I had never had a sense of adventure in my life, and now I was getting a taste. I started taking part in annual hitchiking challenges from Bournemouth, England as far as I could get. These challenges took me to Wales, Ireland, Austria, and Croatia.

I knew quite early on that travel was providing me with the level of adventure I seeked, the new people, cultures, experiences, and stories was my drug. From romantic weekends in Paris to climbing mountains in Switzerland, I became hooked.

Travelling solo overlooking lake in the Alps

Adventure Isn't Always Easy

Once I graduated from university at the ripe age of 28 I thought it was time to begin my career. I worked temporary adventure jobs in the Alps while studying, now it was time to get a ‘real’ job (or so I thought).

After two years of living and working in Central London I realized that wasn’t the path for me and bought a one-way ticket to Nepal… I craved the adventure.

Adventure is not always easy, some of my ‘highlights’ have included:

Spending 17 days in a Nepali jail

Being chased by a crocodile through a swamp in India

Having my foot crushed by a truck in Nepal

Running out of money in Bali

A scooter accident requiring multiple stitches in Bali

Earthquakes (>5Mg) for over a month in Bali (Bali is actually wonderful)

Severe and prolonged food poisoning in India

Having money stolen (a couple of times)

Being chased by street dogs in Romania

Sleeping rough (a lot)

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About (Mis)Adventures Abroad

This blog is here to share travel tips I have learned, give ideas on how to begin or sustain traveling, and share some of my greatest adventures.

Fear can debilitate, spread and make us feel safe. We all have fear, it is one of the most human experiences but to what extent do we allow fear to control us?

I believe that somewhere in between the terror of fear and the exhilaration of adventure is a sweet spot for understanding the self.

If you want to find out more about how I created a travel lifestyle, have a story to share with others, or just want to wish me luck on my adventures leave me a message below.